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  • Lijm en sticker verwijderaar

    Glue and Sticker Remover

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    Glue and Sticker Remover (product 419) is a powerful, fast and safe degreaser based on chlorine-free solvents. This means that the product works very quickly and is also as little harmful as possible to humans, animals and nature. Use Glue and Sticker Remover to remove adhesive residue from posters, carpet tiles or stickers on all surfaces. Pleasant smell Removes adhesive residue quickly and easily Safe for humans, animals and nature This product cleans up to 60 m2 surface. When removing carpets or stickers from glass, stubborn adhesive residues are left behind. To remove these easily and effectively, you can use a strong degreaser. To lay a new carpet or new floor, it is important to have an even surface. First of all, it is important to know which glue it is. Moreover, it is important to know which surface you are dealing with in order to effectively remove adhesive residues and stickers. You treat concrete differently from wood, and a staircase differently from a large space. However, there are also all-in-one solutions such as those of Vossen Greener Chemicals. This degreaser also removes the most stubborn stickers and glue residues from almost all surfaces. With this Glue and Sticker Remover you can safely and easily remove glue and stickers from floors, stairs, windows and wallpaper.

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  • Tapijtreiniger

    Carpet Cleaner - Organic Pollution

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    Carpet Cleaner - Organic Pollution (product 118) is a fast, powerful and safe alkaline all-purpose cleaner for removing organic pollution from carpet. Use this product to remove grease, oil, food residues and dirt from carpets. Due to the non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive properties of this product, you can use it on almost all surfaces and tools. The advantage of using Carpet Cleaner - Organic Pollution compared to a regular shampoo is that shampoo often extracts the essential fats from the carpet, making it dirty again faster. Can be diluted up to 25x Easily removes food residues and dirt  Light foaming Vossen Carpet Cleaner removes dirt, grease and oil from carpets. This cleaner is part of the Vossen Greener Chemicals ECO line and is therefore extremely durable. It is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner, which effectively tackles food residues, grease and oil. Moreover, Carpet Cleaner - Organic Pollution is not a regular shampoo. Carpets are damaged by walking on them, which makes them dirty more quickly. This cleaner has been specially developed so that it does not affect the fats. This keeps the carpet intact for longer. The powerful active ingredients of this carpet cleaner will easily remove dirt on carpets. The formula is slightly foaming and highly concentrated, which ensures efficient cleaning of carpets.

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