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    Oil F1 (product 866) is a high-quality oil additive based on nanotechnology. The product contains the "Security Break Complex" (SBC). The product is suitable for engines, transmissions and gearboxes. It reduces shock, friction and wear, extending the life of your engine, transmission or gearbox. Make your vehicle drive like never before! Reduces fuel consumption Extends the life of your engine Oil F1 is a very high-quality oil additive, specially developed by Vossen Laboratories for combustion engines, transmissions and gearboxes. Oil F1 is the first oil additive produced in the Netherlands that has been developed on the basis of nanotechnology. It does not contain inert components such as Teflon (PTFE) and graphite and is PFAS-free. After addition, Oil F1 mixes with the oil already present and thereby establishes an active connection with moving metal parts (piston walls, piston rings, bearings, bearing shells, valves, turbos, compressors, rotating parts, etc.). This connection is impermeable and creates an adhesive film layer on the metal parts. This protects the heavily stressed parts and also repairs minor damage. Due to the "Security Brake Complex" (SBC), wear is greatly reduced and even reduced to zero during cold starts. This makes Oil F1 very effective and also suitable for heavily loaded or partially idle engines, such as boat engines, motorhomes, motorcycles, etc. Download SDS Oil F1

    Shipped within 2 business days



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