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    Odor Improver - Waste Bins and Containers

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    Odor Improver - Waste Bins and Containers (product 226) is an acid-free, lemon-fresh professional waste bin odor eliminator. Suitable for quickly and effectively removing unpleasant odors around waste bins and containers. The product is extremely economical in use, immediately effective and has a long-lasting effect. Powerful and effective Long lasting effect Do not attack the surface Looking for a professional solution for odors in waste bins Vossen Greener Chemicals offers a professional waste bin odor remover that efficiently eliminates odors in waste bins. Our odor eliminator is made with the highest quality ingredients and is safe for use in professional environments. Use it both professionally and domestically. This professional waste bin odor remover is an effective solution to combat unpleasant odors and stench. Our odor eliminator is specially designed to absorb and neutralize odours, leaving waste bins smelling fresh again. Use the product to remove odors in, for example, sanitary and public areas, drains and wells, various types of upholstery, animal enclosures and of course waste bins. Our odor remover is easy to use and can also be used in any waste bin. In addition, our odor remover is very effective and can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. Our professional waste bin odor eliminator is perfect for offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and other public areas where waste bins are present.

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  • Container Reiniger

    Garbage Container Cleaner - Organic Pollution

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    Dirt Container Cleaner - Organic Pollution (product 119) is a fast, powerful and safe alkaline all-purpose cleaner. Extremely suitable for removing organic pollution from waste containers. Use this container cleaner to remove grease, oil, food residues and dirt. Due to the non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive properties of this product, you can use it on almost all surfaces and tools. Can be diluted up to 25x Quickly and easily removes food residues and dirt Light foaming This container cleaner is extremely suitable for removing pollution that often accumulates in garbage cans, waste buckets, waste containers and wheelie bins. The pollution mainly accumulates as a result of the content. This powerful and concentrated product is highly dilutable and therefore sustainable. In addition, this product belongs to the Vossen Greener Chemicals ECO line. Grease, oil, food residues, dirt and other organic pollution are no problem for this safe container cleaner. It is important to properly maintain your waste containers so that no dirt builds up. This can cause the necessary inconvenience. Moreover, the basic property of this container cleaner ensures that your bin looks like new again in no time. This prevents nuisance and at the same time ensures that your container continues to look neat and hygienic.

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