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  • Food T - Vossen Greener Chemicals

    Food T

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    Food T (product 839) is a high performance synthetic lubricating oil with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) for “filling” irregularities and tolerances between metal surfaces and for “emergency running”. In addition, the product contains EP (extreme pressure) and anti-corrosion additives.  Food T is mainly used for lubricating and/or preserving conveyor belts, chains, guides, stainless steel and stainless steel surfaces and parts of packaging machines in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The product also ensures that dust and dirt cannot penetrate. An additional advantage is that the product prevents the adhesion of dirt on conveyor belts, for example, which improves the lifespan and ease of maintenance. Extremely good boot protection Preservative for metal Water and steam resistant Download SDS Food T Download SDS Food T Aerosol

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  • conserverings- en onderhoudsmiddel voor RVS, kunststof, glas, gelakte onderdelen, machines en lak

    Premium Protection

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    Premium Protection (product 861) is a high-quality preservative and maintenance agent for stainless steel, plastic, glass, painted parts, machines and paint. It forms a thin, but flexible protective layer that is easy to maintain. It enhances the shine and protects the surface against pollution and external influences. Boosts shine Repels water and dirt  Delays the effect of UV Download SDS Premium Protection Download SDS Premium Protection Aerosol

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  • impregneer-/hydrophobeermiddel voor poreuze steen, beton en hout

    Hydrophobe HS

    Shipped within 2 business days

    Hydrophober HS (product 860) is a highly concentrated (High Solid) impregnating/hydrophobing agent for porous stone, concrete and wood. Façades and objects made of this material are preserved against the (easy) penetration of water and the adhesion of pollution. The material can continue to "breathe" Long-term effective  Helps prevent moisture damage Download SDS Hydrophober HS

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  • Transparant conserveermiddel voor het optimaal en voedselveilig glad maken van niet-poreuze oppervlakken

    Food Slide

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    Food Slide (product 864) is a high-quality, transparent preservative for optimal and food-safe smoothing of non-porous surfaces. Use Food Slide to treat conveyor belts, worktops and machine parts. Durable Fast drying  Safe for chrome, stainless steel, paint, rubber and plastic Download SDS Food Slide Aerosol

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  • electra-guard-pro-vossen

    Electric Guard Pro

    Shipped within 2 business days

    Electra Guard Pro (863) is a high-quality, acid-free preservation product for all types of electric motors and installations. Dispels moisture Forms a flexible film Prevents corrosion Download SDSEGP Download SDS EGP Aerosol

    Shipped within 2 business days


  • Wax t coat

    Wax T Coat

    Shipped within 2 business days

    Wax T Coat (product 862) is a liquid, waxy preservative to protect metal against corrosion. Adheres and protects right down to the pores No staining Transparent protective layer Download SDS Wax T Coat

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